You Don’t Have Time For A Personal Trainer

This is something we hear a lot. You want to get fit and lose a little bit of weight but can’t fit a personal trainer into your schedule.
You work long hours, maybe you work shifts or possibly family commitments all pile up to stop you booking your first session with a trainer. 
Why not try online personal training?
We thought long and hard before offering online training. At first we didn’t think we could offer the same great service online but technology has advanced a lot. Now we feel confident that we can offer the support to help you get the results you need. You can download our app, view your workouts complete with exercise videos and track nutrition that we can analyse and adjust.
Benefits of Online Personal Training
  • Workout when you want – you don’t have to fit into a personal trainer schedule.
  • Nutrition consultation and analysis – just like our one-to-one clients we want to analyse your food intake.
  • Professional exercise programming – workouts designed by your own personal trainer.
  • Support – we want to be in contact with you as much as possible. The app has a free messaging service and we also like to schedule video calls every 1-2 weeks.
  • Cost effective – the cost of our online training is less than in-person training
Disadvantages of Online Personal Training
Motivation – your must be motivated to exercise on your own. Sometimes you won’t want to exercise and we need you to give 100% every session. We will offer all the support you need but you need to do the work.
Still not sure online personal training is for you
Trial our online personal training free for 2 weeks. You get full access to the full system. All you have to do is send us an email asking for a free trial.