Why Did You Gain The Dubai Stone

Why Did You Gain The Dubai Stone?

If you have moved to Dubai you will definitely have heard of the Dubai stone or maybe 2 stone. Which refers to the amount of weight gained not long after moving to Dubai.

How Did You Gain The Weight So Fast

1. The portions of food in Dubai are massive
2. Fast food is easily accessible; all you have to do is order from the app on your phone.
3. Public transport is limited. No walking to the bus then walking to work.
4. The long hot summer is draining and temperatures make outdoor activities impossible.
5. Brunch on Fridays

So we have a definite decrease in energy burned, due to less movement. We also have a large increase in calories consumed.

Let’s Break It Down A Little More

Let us estimate that 3500 calories per week would increase weight by 1 pound. This could be slightly higher or lower. Times that by 14 to make 1 stone and we get 49000 calories needed to gain the Dubai stone.

1. The portions are bigger – Example a large portion of McDonald’s fries in the UK equals 444 calories. Compare that to a large portion of McDonald’s fries in Dubai that works out at 802 calories. Almost double the calories. Yes, we know that you don’t eat McDonald’s but we do all know the portions are bigger. 61 large McDonald’s fries equals 49000 calories

2. Less exercise – You now drive everywhere, unless you live near the metro. Back home you may have walked 20 minutes to the bus and 10 minutes from the bus to work. Let us say you walked a total of 60 minutes per day. A 75kg person would burn around 262 calories more per day. So because of this, you would lose around 1834 calories of exercise per week.

3. Brunch – Normally Fridays 12:30 pm to 4 pm, then on out afterwards till late in the evening. Consisting of lots of alcohol and a little bit food. You might consume 10-15 drinks over the course of the brunch. 10 glasses of wine would equal 1300 calories. 10 pints of beer equals around 2080 calories. Then you possibly consume about 800 calories of food at brunch. We would say the average brunch equals 2350 calories. This is a very reserved brunch. If you went to brunch 20 times you would consume 49000 calories and create the Dubai stone.

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Let’s Put This Altogether

1. You consume a large fries with your McDonald’s + 400 calories per week
2. You walk 60 minutes less per day + 1834 calories per week
3. You go to brunch on Friday + 2350 calories per week

This comes to an increase of 4584 calories per week. You would gain the Dubai stone in 10.5 weeks. This is just to give you an idea of how quickly the calories all add up when you move to Dubai. These numbers will be different for everybody.

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