Our Personal Trainers

Each of our personal trainers has over 9 years of experience training people from all over the world. We have helped people lose weight, increase strength, run marathons, and improve sports performance. Before your first session, we may ask you to fill out activity diaries and food diaries. This is because we want our exercise and nutrition programming to be specific to you and your needs.


Born in Scotland with 9 years experience as a personal trainer. He also played professional Ice Hockey in Britain for 15 years. Dan has spent the last 3 years training clients in Dubai.

He is well aware of how hard it is to reach your goals in Dubai, especially weight loss. The long hours at work, junk food on speed dial and a summer that makes training that little bit more difficult combine to make achieving your goals much harder.

Dan will work with you on all aspects of your lifestyle to help you achieve your goals


You are in safe hands with our retired professional rugby player. Pat spent 14 years at the top level of Rugby in the UK and worldwide. Once Pat moved on from rugby he competed in MMA, wrestling and other various American sports.

Pat has always been a fitness enthusiast and has been within the fitness industry for the last 12 years


Our top female personal trainer. Ioanna started training in gymnastics at the age of 7. She graduated college of sports sciences top of her class in gymnastics and fitness.

Ioanna has now been a personal trainer for 12 years. 10 years in Greece and 2 years in Dubai. She specialises in functional training and is a TRX level 2 instructor. Many of Ioanna's clients comment on her great knowledge of health and fitness.



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