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Colleen’s Testimonial

Colleen came to us and asked if we could help her lose a little bit weight but more importantly she wanted to reduce her knee pain. She used to be a dancer and all that moving around and jumping left her in a lot of pain. So much pain that walking up and down the stairs was becoming a problem.

We started off by getting Colleen to work on some of the habits surrounding food and slowly week by week she was reducing her total weight.

"The nutritional advice is excellent. With small changes, you get great results"

Improving flexibility and strength was extremely important and Colleen was very dedicated to her training. She now moves pain-free, walking up and down stairs is easy and we even have her working on walking lunges.

"I really love my sessions with Dan, he's got me moving and doing training that I never thought I could achieve. I have lost weight and kept it off and my knees haven't felt this good in years"

Colleen Client June 14, 2017

Sophie’s Testimonial

When we first spoke to Sophie during our consultation she explained that she had gained weight since moving to Dubai. Sophie's goals 

"I want to drop a dress size and tone up"

Sophie had never used a gym before and was a little apprehensive at first but we worked with her to build confidence. Actually, she was a bit of a natural and very strong for a beginner. 

Over the course of our 12 weeks of training, Sophie improved drastically in the gym. Have a look at the video, she couldn't do 1 push-up when we started but towards the end, she could do 10.

Overall Sophie lost 11cm from her waist, 6 cm from her hips and 6kg of bodyweight.

"The sessions were my first into weights, fitness and the gym in general. I really enjoyed my sessions and for the first time started to see the definition. I am now able to train on my own with the knowledge my PT gave me"

"My PT was the most supportive professional I could have hoped for and I would recommend him to anyone"

Sophie Client June 14, 2017

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