Online Personal Training | What You Get

Online Personal Training | What You Get

We have been training our clients, face to face for the last 10 years and when we first started to look into online personal training we were a bit sceptical.

Could we over the same level of service?

The answer is yes. We can add exercise videos to our software that show you how to perform the exercises safely and efficiently. You can track your food intake, which allows us to advise on the best course of action to help you see results. We use video calling and ideally, we would schedule a call once per week to have a chat about your program and nutrition. All of these features let us offer a high level of service.

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Benefits of Online Personal Training For You

Exercise when you want – No trying to fit into a personal trainer’s busy schedule. You train at the time of day that suits you. Travelling for work? Not a problem, we can create a workout that you can do in the hotel gym.

Affordability – Our online personal training costs less than our face-to-face personal training.

Communication – We chat weekly using video calling and the software has a built in messaging service. You can text us anytime and we will be in touch daily to help keep you motivated.

Results Tracking – every weight lifted, mile ran and kilo lost will all be tracked through the app. You can check your progress anytime you wish.

Does online personal training sound good for you?

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You must be motivated for this to work. Our face-to-face clients wake up and exercise at 6 am because they have an appointment. When your alarm goes off, your feet need to hit the floor and your motivation will help get you to the gym.

How Online Personal Training Works

  1. Contact us to discuss our service, your goals and any queries you may have.
  2. We add you to our online software and start creating your workout program. This can take up to 4 days. However, we advise that you start tracking your food intake immediately. You will also be given a nutrition manual that discusses the basics of nutrition.
  3. You receive your training program. In most cases, 3 – 4 workouts per week but this all depends on exercise experience and goals.
  4. Each week we video call to discuss your program and food intake.
  5. Once you have completed 1 week of food tracking we will start to advise on changes to your current food intake to help you reach your goals. 

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