How To Lose The Dubai Stone

How To Lose The Dubai Stone

In our last blog post, we discussed just how easy it is to put on the Dubai stone. If you haven’t read that then have a look here.

We worked out that to gain the Dubai stone you would have to consume 49000 calories more than you needed. This number could be slightly higher or lower, depending on each individual.When you take into account the lifestyle in Dubai, gaining weight can happen very quickly.

Easy To Gain, Hard To Lose

The average 70kg person burns

  • 546 calories per hour circuit training. Do this for 90 hours and you burn off the Dubai stone.        
  • 280 calories per hour performing yoga. Do this for 175 hours and you burn off the Dubai stone.  
  • 868 calories running at 5:00min/km pace. Do this for 56 hours and you burn off the Dubai stone[1].

That’s a lot of hard work to burn off the Dubai stone through exercise alone. So, we definitely recommend making changes to your current food intake, habits and general lifestyle. To lose 1lb per week, generally described as safe weight loss. You would have t0 be in a calorie deficit of 500 calories per day or 3500 calories per week[2].

What Should You Do! 

First, we need to adjust your calorie consumption. We recommend moving a little more and eating a little less. You want to make losing weight as easy as possible. A big calorie deficit just becomes unsustainable. Making you more likely to fall off the wagon.

Ideally, you want to be in a deficit of 500 calories per day or 3500 calories per week[2].

Eat a little less And Move A little more

  1. Cut out your lunchtime chocolate – 262 calories saved.
  2. Walk 1 hour per day at a brisk pace and burn 245 calories.
  3. Cut out the fries and save an estimated 450 calories per portion
  4. Go to the gym(general fitness) and burn 385 calories per hour
  5. Cut out your Friday night fast food and save 1000-2000 calories
  6. Eat better at brunch. Read our tips

Increase Protein Consumption

Increasing protein consumption has been shown to have favourable effects on body weight and body fat reduction[3]. Current research would suggest consuming 1.4g – 2g per kg of body weight for an exercising individual [4]. Higher intakes may be beneficial to resistance trained, lean individuals.

A 70 kg person would likely need 98g – 140g of protein per day to hit these targets. We advise splitting protein intake evenly between 4 meals. 24.5g – 35g per meal.

  1. Chicken breast(100g) = 28g of protein
  2. Tofu (100g) = 8g of protein
  3. Salmon (100g) = 25g of protein
  4. Quinoa (100g) = 13g of protein
  5. Chickpeas (100g) = 8g of protein
  6. 1 egg (61g) = 8g of protein

If you increase protein you will also increase calories. To stay in a deficit you will have to lower carbohydrates or fats.

Be Patient And Consistent 

Being in a calorie deficit of 500 calories per day will take you around 14 weeks to lose the Dubai stone. We recommend taking measurements. You can track weight, measure your waist or take progress pictures. just have a way to track and adjust calories if weight loss plateaus.

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All calories based of a 70kg person.


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