Hybrid Personal Training

You work long hours, morning till late evening. Weekends are spent with the family and if you're lucky maybe even a quick round of golf. Then it's the start of the week and you're off again. Only this time you have to travel long hours to a business meeting in another country.

Improving your health and appearance by hiring a personal trainer is something you would like to do but just can't commit to weekly personal training sessions because of your schedule. 

Hybrid Personal Training May Be The Answer You Are Looking For.

What is hybrid personal training? Hybrid training is a mix of 1 on 1 personal training and online coaching. You choose the number of 1 on 1 personal training sessions you would like. We recommend only 1 or 2 sessions per month. This allows us to demonstrate the exercises we would like you to do for the rest of the month. It also lets us assess your movement capabilities and choose exercises, repetitions and intensities that best suit your body.

We then add you to our online personal training system. You can view your exercise program, complete with video instructions to keep you on track. 

What about food? What should I be eating?

Nutrition is a huge part of looking and feeling better but how do you fit that into your busy life. The option to track your food intake is available using the app. This allows us to look at your current intake and advise on the best course of action to help you achieve your goals. This includes advising you on what foods you can buy at the airport to keep you on track. Don't have time to make lunch? We will look at the restaurants and supermarkets close to your office and work out foods that fit your goals.

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