Dubai Supermarket Price Comparison – Spinneys Vs Carrefour

We have been working on a supermarket price comparison for you this week. Up first it is Spinneys vs Carrefour. We tried to pick similar items of similar quality where possible and for the most part, we succeeded.

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How do I eat healthy food without spending a small fortune in Dubai?

This is a question we have been getting asked a lot recently. The price of fruit and veg still shocks me. How can a 450g box of strawberries cost more than a large big mac meal? It’s insane but we will do our best to find you good quality food at reasonable Dubai prices.

Some items vary in size. Example, Spinneys sell steak single steaks. Carrefour sells steaks in packages of 2 – 3. To make the comparison fair each price will be worked out to equal the same weight. Which means prices may vary in stores.

Meat, Fish And Poultry

Food Weight Spinneys Price Carrefour Price
Sirloin Steak 250g 18.80 16.70
Lean Mince 512g 30.05 20.59
Salmon Fillet 250g 35.20 24.50
Chicken Breast 500g 33.75 13.33
Beef Burger 440g 16.90 16.60
Smoked Salmon 100g 31.50 14.50
Tuna 3 cans 16.75 11.50
  Total 182.95 117.72

Fruit And Vegetables

Onions per kg 7.50 7.95
Peppers x 4 18.50 10.98
Baby Spinach 250g 17.80 12.95
Blueberries 170g 16.50 16.40
Raspberries 170g 21.40 16.50
Strawberries 250g 12.50 13.50
Banana per kg 8.95 5.95
Total 103.15 84.23

Milk, Eggs And Yoghurt 

Milk semi skimmed 2ltr 10 10
Eggs free range 6 16 10.95
Skyr Yoghurt 400g 18.50 19.25
Total Greek Yoghurt 500g 33 31.85
Butter 250g 10.75 10.95
Total 88.25 83

Bread, Cereals And Grains

Brown Bread loaf 6.75 5.50
Brown Rice  125g 12.50 13.75
Pasta 500g 6.75 3.66
Porridge Oats 500g 13.54 7.80
Total 39.54 30.71


Let’s Total It All Up

Total Shop Price Spinneys Carrefour
413.89 315.66

The biggest difference in price between the supermarkets was from meat, fish and poultry. We must state that Carrefour tends to sell in packets or 2/3 items. Spinneys sells items as a single unit. Take the chicken for instance. Carrefour sells in a pack or 900g, Spinneys in packs of 500g.

Each shop took place one week apart.

You could also argue the quality of the meat between supermarkets but this comparison was on price alone.

The Dubai supermarket price comparison will continue next week.

Lastly, we will show you how to buy your weekly shop that little bit cheaper.

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