Doing The Dubai Brunch On A Diet

This is going to happen to you if you live in Dubai. Chances are that you have put on a little bit of extra body weight since moving to Dubai, perhaps the Dubai stone rings a bell. So you start your diet and your doing well but then you get invited to a brunch. You have 2 options if you want to stay on track with your diet
1)Don’t go to brunch – stay home while everybody else is out.
2)Go to brunch – but don’t drink and eat lots of salad.
neither of these options is really going to work. What if there was an option 3 on the table?
3) Go to brunch and enjoy yourself with just a little bit of control.
I think this is the option most people would choose. So let us look at the standard brunch calorie intake.
6 glasses of champagne – 540 calories
4 glasses of red wine – 480 calories
4 pieces of sushi – 160 calories
2 chicken fajitas – 560 calories
2 pieces of cake – 520 calories
Total -2260 calories total
Now, lets take a woman who is 160cm tall and weighs 65kg, 30% body fat and doesn’t do a lot of exercise. She would need around about 1750 calories to maintain her weight. You can see the problem.
The solution
Ok, you want brunch but you don’t want to gain any weight.
I would suggest that you wake up on the day of the brunch and do some exercise. Even if you just go walking for an hour you could burn and extra 300-500 calories.
Then just go for damage limitation at brunch. Try to stay away from carbohydrate-rich food as the Alcohol is full of sugar etc. Instead, aim to eat high in protein content.
2 glasses of champagne – 180 calories
8 vodka and soda water – 560 calories
4 pieces of sushi – 160 calories
2 chicken fajitas without the tortilla wrap – 340 calories
4 pieces of cheese – 320 calories
Total -1560 total calories
Now you have some calories left for the after party. It is possible to do brunch and stay on track with your diet. You just have to make a few small sacrifices.