5 Tips For Doing The Dubai Brunch On A Diet

5 Tips For Doing The Dubai Brunch On A Diet

You’re on a diet and doing well but your friends birthday is coming up and you know it will involve a Dubai brunch. Our clients tell us this very thing on a very regular basis. 

You could consume anywhere from 2000 calories – 3000 calories or more depending on your food selection and alcohol selection. Then you have to take into account the extra calories you will consume the day after eating your favourite junk foods. All this equals a diet relapse.

This is what we advise you try

Step 1 – Lower calorie intake

On the lead up to brunch, we advise that you lower your calorie intake by 100 – 200 calories per day for 5 days. This isn’t a big loss and should be easy enough to do. Choose something small and remove it from your diet or change something you know is high in calories for something a little lower.

You save 500 – 1000 calories.

Step 2 – Exercise on brunch morning

This is all about timing. Ideally, you would exercise in the morning, give yourself enough time to get ready and then go straight to brunch to refuel. Some of our clients can exercise fasted and wait till brunch before eating. Others need something small to eat before exercise. This is your choice.

You burn 400 – 700 calories. 

Step 3 – Hit the protein

Go big on your protein consumption. This will fill you up quickly and keep you feeling full. Think beef, chicken, eggs and fish. Aim to keep carbohydrates lower as you will consume enough through alcohol. Limit rice, pasta and bread. Easier said than done, we know.

You save 200 – 400 calories

Step 4 – Alcohol selection

This can save you a lot of calories. Choose your alcohol wisely while you can and try to drink one glass of water for every 1-2 drinks. 

A glass of red wine 130 calories, exchange for a glass of champagne – 85calories. Over 10 drinks you would save 450 calories.

A pint of beer 208 calories, exchange for a vodka and soda water at 100 calories. Over 10 drinks you save 1080 calories.

Stay away from cocktails as they contain the highest calorie content.

You save 450 – 1000 calories

Step 5 Prepare for the hangover

If possible prepare some food before you go out. Then all you have to do is heat it up. Maybe this isn’t for you. If you have to order some food in, try to order as healthy as possible. Miss out on the fries, order a pizza with a thin base or exchange your milk shake for water.

You save 300 – 600 calories

We have tried these methods with our clients. They do help to lessen the blow and keep them on track with their weight loss but it all comes down to you. If you eat well and exercise regularly then 1 day out isn’t going to be a problem.


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