3 Best Outdoor Exercise Locations In Dubai

The weather is almost perfect for getting outdoors and doing some exercise. We train clients all over Dubai and we are going to give you our favourite outdoor exercise locations in the city.
#1 Skydive Dubai Drop Zone – definitely one of the best spots in Dubai for exercising. turn up on any night and you are likely to see fitness classes, personal training and people swinging from the bars.
Example Workout
Rope climb x 1
Pistol squat on platform x 10
Dips on bars x 10
Wide pull up x 10
Repeat x 4
#2 Al Barsha Pond Park – one for the runners. The park has a 1.4km running track with the distance marked every 100m. A great place to go if you want to improve your running for people of all running abilities.
Example Workout
Burpee x 10
Pushup x 20
Bodyweight Squat x 30
Run 1 lap
Repeat x 4
#3 the beach@JBR – perfect if you want to mix up your training routine. There is a short running track, lots of sand and the sea is available for a swim any time of day.
Example Workout
Run 400m x 1
Plank 30 secs x 1
Side plank 30 secs x 1
Superman 30 secs x 1
Swim 400m x 1
Repeat x 4